Well the home and away season has finished with mixed results. We achieved our goal of the year in not being relegated back to C1 and we achieved that, so to Kingsley Hunter and his boys well done. To the Reserves and Jamie Wynne unlucky. There were some great performances through the year but it is always hard when over 60 odd players go through the team during the season. To the Colts and Greg Hough, well done on finishing Third and getting the second chance in the Finals. The E2 Thirds and Michael Walsh, well done on Minor Premiers and getting the week off to get ready for the second semi final. The Integrated and Shane Paterson, well done on the season at the moment and all the best in the last game of the season.

The club has been going along ok and there was a good turn up for the Band after the last game of the season. Well done by all. We have finally got Dave’s Deck Licensed and Legal after a lot of running around and hard work by all. A job well done and now all Members and Guests can enjoy another part of our great club. We have now got everything that has been done signed off and legal by the relevant Authorities and a thank you must go to the authorities in working with us to achieve this for all our Members.

This weeks games are
Colts Qualifying Final v Collegians at Pat Goodridge Reserve in Jolimont (Behind Matthews Netball Centre) at 10.40 on Saturday. So come along and support the Colts boys.

Integrated play there last home and away game on Saturday at the Club against Warnbro at 1PM so get along and support the boys. Note there may be a time change if so we will let you all know.

Meals are still on at the Club on Thursdays until football finishes and then we will reassess the situation.

The Annual Dinner to be held on the 19th of September, will be advertised in the next few days.

So in finishing all the best to all teams on the weekend and if you are not doing anything please come on down and support the boys.

Robert Steel




Two more major milestone games this week for long time members. Both come from the masters group.

Past President and Sponsor Jayson Bennett plays his 150th club game. Jayson First played at the club way back in 1990 as a 16 year old, filling in for the colts. It was a fair few years before coming back after stints at both Subiaco and West Perth. Jayson played mostly in the reserves through the 2000’s. However his biggest contribution to the club has probably been off the field. In 2007 he joined the committee as Vice President and from 2008 to 2012 he was the president of the club, helping to get the club back on its feet after some difficult years.

The other, Gavin Willey, plays his 250th club game. Gavin also started at the club in 1990 as a colt. After going through the ranks in the reserves for a few years, including playing in the 2007 Premiership, Gav went on to be a Steele Medalist, for fairest and best in the league team in 2000, before taking the reigns as Club Captain in 2002. Retiring after the 2006 season and having a few well deserved years off, Gav began playing again for the Masters Teams in 2010.

Congratulations Gavin and Jayson.



The League side couldn’t quite get over the line in the last home and away fixture for the 2015 season against Hamersley Carine. Hamersley with much more to play for with a finals birth at stake proved too good on the day getting over the line by 10 points.

We did have our opportunities though and lead early in the game but unfortunately we couldn’t make the most of our opportunities in front of goal which cost us a victory. The only difference between the 2 sides on the day was a bit of polish with the skill level. But in saying that I was extremely pleased with the way our guys played the game and fought it right out to the very end.

It has been a pretty tough initiation into B grade this year but we achieved our goal and that was consolidating ourselves in B grade. A fantastic achievement and all players and supporters can be proud of what the football club has achieved this season. To be able to achieve this with the terrible luck of injuries this season along with having quite an inexperienced youthful side the outcome was fantastic.

All season we have been able to match it with any side in B grade for a period of time before our slighter and more inexperience bodies and mindset have given out to the more mature, seasoned experienced B grade bodies.

The future for the club is very bright however and with the much needed experience gained this season and with a fit & healthy list moving forward, playing finals football in 2016 is something that we will all be aiming for and can achieve. With the quality of youngsters coming through and much needed experience gained this year the future is bright.

On the weekend we had Peter Ferguson play his final game for the club as he has announced his retirement. I would just like to congratulate him on such a sensational stellar career with Kingsway and I would have to say that Peter would have to be the most respected person at the Kingsway Football Club. To see what he puts his body through each week for the team and his leadership amongst a young group is absolutely incredible.

Well done on the weekend to the Colts & Thirds on their wins and it’s important as a club that we all get behind them and show our support for them as they get ready to play finals football. All the best…

Kingsley Hunter

League Coach



It’s amazing to think the season is now over for the reserves. I have said all year how proud I am of the effort the boys have put in this season. To play 70+ players is something I have never seen in all my years of coaching and don’t hope to see again. We battled hard on Saturday but went down in the end to a well drilled side that ran really hard all day. The pleasing thing this year is that we have learnt we are not far away from the top teams and there is no reason next season we won’t be back to playing finals footy.

I would like to thank Sticks, Liam and Antz for making themselves available for the last game of the season. They all added significant value and won plenty of the ball. I was blessed this year with great support staff and I really can’t thank you guys enough for making the season a really enjoyable one. Good luck to the teams in the finals. Let’s bring a few flags home and celebrate the great club we all play for.

Jamie Wynne

Reserves Coach



Once again colts went in with a lot of players missing but came away with a 10 goal win. A very even performance across whole side. We are now really looking forward to a tough finals series. We start with the qualifying against Collegians, a very good side, at Wembley. We go in knowing we beat them last time. I know a lot of our boys have a lot confidence our sides ability. We have been building over the last 7 or 8 weeks. When the season ends this will not be left wondering they give everything. It could be enough.

Greg Hough

Colts Coach



The 3rds took on 6th placed Brentwood/Booragoon in what was basically a finals like contest as a loss would see us relinquish top spot and mathematically B/B was still a chance to make finals.

The first half proved to be a tight contest as B/B were able to capitalise from us turning the ball over too easy moving forward and it was only until half way through the 2nd qtr that we started moving the ball better, refusing a skill errors and were able to swing the momentum our way.

The 2nd half was a dominant display by us and although the scoreboard didn’t really reflect this we managed to run away eventual winners by 7 goals. Bad kicking of  14.11 played a part in this.

There was a couple handy inclusions for the game with one namely Rhys “Beaver” Biebrick proving a standout for the game finishing with 7 goals. Another solid  performance went to Kinga who due to his League commitments couldn’t make it to the game till half time but showed that he still has it, racking up possessions at will from CHB, however he might have to get down to training and work on his kicking if he is to feature in finals. lol

One bloke thought he’d try and match Kinga’s goal of the year from many years ago with a dashing run off HB, couple bounces and unloading with a wobbler from 50…..we’re just not really sure if he was kicking to someone in the left pocket as even Warnie would have been amazed at the angle that it broke at…..everyone needs a little bit of luck now and then but well done Yogi, great goal (this will not be mentioned or talked about again).

Congrats to the “Godfather” of our team, the old fella Baldy in playing his 250th….an absolute pleasure to play with him and he put in another solid performance as he does week in week out slotting 2 goals….one wanders if those old legs will ever give in.

Other solid performers were Kliffy, AJ, Yogi, Buds and Elliot.

The win has seen us finish as “Minor Premiers” giving us a much deserved week off for the first week of the finals.

Make sure we all get down and watch the Colts and Integrated in their quest for finals success, good luck boys!!

Michael Walsh

Thirds Coach